Every Architect wants to be found. The best way to do that faster is to set up Google Webmaster Tools. This tools essentially tells Google’s search algorithm that you’ve updated your website faster than waiting for Google to eventually find your website and realizing that your website has been updated. It’s free and simple to use and setup. 

  1. Before you proceed, make sure you website is live and you've connected your domain name to Monograph. 
  2. To get started, here is the link to Google Webmaster Tools.
  3. Add your domain, make sure to include www. and have http:// 
  4. The next screen that appears.

  1. Click on Alternate Methods tab.
  1. Select HTML tag
  1. Copy the string of text between content="  ...  "
  2. In a new tab or window, open and log back into your Monograph website 
  3. Now paste this string of text back in Monograph for Google Site Verification ID. To get here log back into your Monograph account and click on "Settings" in the lower left-hand corner and then click on Analytics. 

  1. After you've added to Monograph, return back to Google Webmaster tools and click verify to proceed forward. 
  1. Now click Crawl on the side menu and click Click Fetch as Google. 
  2. Leave everything as is and click "Fetch"
  3. Add other URL's, essentially all your major pages like /news or /projects and you can get as grainier as each post and each project. How grainier is up to you. 
  1. For each link click "Submit to Index"
  2. Click “I’m not a Robot” 
  3. Select “Crawl this URL and its direct links”
  4. Repeat this for all URL links submited 
  1. Now click on Sitemaps in the left-side menu
  1. Click Add/Test sitemap in the upper right hand corner 
  2. Add sitemap.xml to the field 
  3. Click Submit

That's it, you are now done and Google know you exist now. This increases your SEO simply by notifying Google you exist and you've made updates to your website before their bots find you.  I would recommend to do this after any major updates like a new project or a new member to your studio. Google Webmaster tools is super powerful, poke around and you'll see keywords your website ranks for and where in Google's results you show up. This information is vital as it suggests what words to use more or less of, as your describe your body of work. 

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