1. Click on Work in the black bar at the bottom of your screen. And there click on Projects to open up the side menu.

2. Click on New Project at the top of the side menu, then a modal window will pop-up where you enter the project name.

3. After you click Create, you will be taken to a new project page which will be blank. From here you can add images, text and videos.

4. Once you've added images in the carousel, you can drag them around to change the order.

5. If you want to add categories to this project, then click Categories at the bottom right and select which categories to add.

6. The final step is to make the project public on your website. Go back to the Work page at the bottom bar. Open the Projects sidebar on the bottom right and you'll notice your new project at the top with a dotted box around it. Click on the Toggle Switch and your new project is now live!

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